Derek's success story

Rochez is the first dietician that told me I shouldn't be too hungry when eating correctly, and losing weight! Over the years I had tried a number of diets, succeeded at the initial weight loss and failed to keep it off long term. Earlier this year some blood tests results fortified my resolve to get my weight and blood sugar under control.

Rochez has helped me change my mindset related to food and to focus on the goals I am trying to achieve. I leave each appointment with some pragmatic goals that have made the change in lifestyle easier to maintain. It’s not always easy to admit you need professional help but it has made a huge difference to me and my advice is – just make that first appointment you will not regret it.

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Sven's success story

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you both for the past year of incredible support, focus and attention during my journey towards better longterm health.

From the moment Sarah first met me in ICU to my most recent consultation with Rochez, you have both been committed to my wellbeing and a crucial part of my success in transforming my life.

My battle with high-cholesterol, hyperlipidaemia and obesity has not been an easy one, but your counsel, tips, advice, care and on-going support have helped me gain insight into why I eat, how I can make healthier choices and have encouraged me to make significant long-term changes to my lifestyle which has resulted in REAL change in my life.

I’ve lost (and more importantly kept off) over 11 Kg’s in the past year. I’ve exercised more regularly than I did in the past 15 years of my life. More importantly, I sleep better, have a generally happier disposition and more energy at work and in the evenings and over weekends.

Especially weekends.
I used to spend a weekend on the couch, exhausted and depressed. I had no idea why I couldn’t get up and do fun things and my wife was more and more concerned about my well-being.

It may seem hyperbolic to say, but you have both brought me back from the edge and I cannot thank you enough for my new life. My wife and I are expecting a baby girl in June this year and I cannot wait to play with her, knowing that I won’t be out-of-breath or unable to have fun as my little one explores the world around her.

To anyone else struggling with their health or considering a change in lifestyle, I can only say this: ENLIST SUPPORT - working with Sarah and Rochez has been hugely rewarding and worth every moment spent with them and I would not be here today without them.

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Cheri's success story

I contacted Munchwize because I desperately needed some motivation and direction to lose weight and reach towards my optimum health, something which I have really struggled with after giving birth to my youngest daughter 1.5 years ago.

Taking care of two small children under the age of 4 and being a deadline-driven full-time working mom has caused me to often put my own needs and health behind others and as a result my weight has gradually increased and my personal motivation levels have plummeted.

Rochez is a warm, approachable and understanding person.
Rochez has helped me realise that it’s not all about just losing weight, but about being healthy and feeding your body the right energy and nutrients. A by- product of which is weight-loss.
She takes her time to explain things and I never feel like any appointment is rushed.

I look forward to reaching all my weight-loss goals this year, but most importantly I know that I am in the right hands which means I’m doing it the healthy and best way for my long-term health and happiness.

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Brendan's success story

About 3 months ago I first came to see Rochez and let me say that it was the best decision I have ever made. Growing up I’ve always had a problem with my weight and when I thought of losing weight, I immediately thought I’d have to spend hours in the gym. To my surprise, weight loss was more about what was going into your body. She had given me an eating plan, which I stuck to for about the first two months. Now I can proudly say that I am still using the eating plan as a guideline but I’ve adapted to a completely healthy lifestyle. One thing that I’m more aware of now, is the nutritional value of the food that I eat. I’m consistently checking the labels and just always trying to make the healthier choice.

Over the past 3 months I have lost 9kgs, and I cannot weight (pun intended) to lose more! As a 21 year old male, you’d expect your body to look its best and I know with Rochez by my side I will continue to reach my goals.

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Sue's success story

I have always been a healthy eater, never had a weight problem that was until I hit menopause!! I was beside myself as I had picked up 7 kgs in a short space of time. I found Rochez and Munchwize, Registered Dietitians in Cape Town, and have not looked back. She has taught me how to eat properly again. In her words ' your hormones are not going to change so YOU have to change your eating habits'. I have been seeing Rochez for 4 weeks and have lost 3 kgs, 2 % body fat, 2cms around my waist, 1 cm around my hips and 2cms on my arms. I am full of energy and feel much better than I did before I started.

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Brett's Success Story

Rochez has helped me alot with 5 to 6 specific changes within my diet. This has allowed me to achieve my weight loss goals, by sticking to her eating plan. I didn’t find it too difficult. It is something that is sustainable and didn’t feel like I was on a diet. The benefits of following the eating plan have been that I have lost weight, but not only that I have more energy, I’m able to exercise harder and able to fit into my old clothes.

Well done Brett, you lost 9 kg, 4.9% body fat, 6 cm around his waist and 7 cm around his hips all within 3 months!

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Fernando's Success Story

About three months ago I went to the doctor for my annual vitality health check-up and found that my cholesterol level was too high. Apart from my cholesterol being high I was also about 10 kg’s over weight which was as a result of overindulging in too much takeaways and luxuries. I decided on going on a diet but realised that I needed some help in this regard. I joined Munchwize dietitians about three months ago and with the help of Rochez I managed to lose about 6 kg’s in a matter of three weeks. Rochez helped me with drawing up an eating plan which was tailored for my specific situation and we worked out a time which was optimal for me to do my daily exercise. I have managed to bring down my cholesterol to very good levels and I feel that I have way more energy than before. As a result of my interaction with Rochez I had to undergo a paradigm shift and I learnt that going on diets was a temporary fix to a long term problem and that changing my way of life was essential in obtaining a healthy and balanced life style. I do believe that my interaction with Munchwize dietitians changed my life for the better and they definitely have my endorsement!

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Earlier this year after feeling permanently tired with no energy, I discovered, following a visit to my doctor, that I had high cholesterol. No wanting to go the route of being reliant on cholesterol tablets, I decided to contact a dietician to try and bring my cholesterol levels back in line. If successful in a new eating regime, a further benefit would be weight loss, which I also needed to achieve. After meeting with Rochez regularly in less than 3 months, the results have been incredibly satisfying, most importantly, I have managed to bring my cholesterol down to acceptable, healthy levels. In this short time, I have lost 8kgs, a total of 31cms (14cms around my waist and 10cms around my chest), and I have much higher energy levels than I had 3 months ago . I eat more regularly than I did before, and I am always satisfied. I have embraced this lifestyle change with Rochez’s help, and I can only but sing her praises!

Well done Grant, you’ve been very dedicated, and your results have been brilliant!

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I’m a 59 year old female who had got to the point of being so unhappy with my body & weight gain. I had given up smoking 3 years before and that plus a combination of middle age spread just got the better of me. I have never been a large person, but I’ve always been conscious about watching my weight. However, I had gotten to the point where nothing was working for me and I was so uncomfortable with everything I wore – this spare tyre just wasn’t me!

Rochez was recommended to me and I was sceptical, as I’d tried everything and nothing worked. I knew that losing just 5 kg’s would make a huge difference to me.

Oh my word, she has changed my world as far as food is concerned. I have been so motivated with proper food groupings and really wonderful recipes. It soon became apparent that I had been eating incorrectly for years.

In fact I get irritated now when I go to a restaurant and there is nothing healthy to eat! The 5 kg’s were easy to lose over a couple of months, but what was even more important to me was the drop in my Body Fat percentage, BMI and the centimetres I lost where I needed to.

I have a regular monthly catch-up with Rochez to keep on track and be motivated. I do feel that this is important and I can honestly say that I do feel like a new person.

Well done Alayne, you’ve been incredibly motivated, and your willingness to make the changes needed made all the difference!

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I went to Rochez of Munchwize Dietitians, on the recommendation of a friend. I wanted to lose at least five kilograms without having to change my lifestyle too much. Rochez adapted my daily diet to include some healthier options and, believe it or not, more eating! She encouraged me to have a snack in midmorning and mid- afternoon, which I was sceptical about – but I began losing weight! I lost at a steady rate and have now come down 6kg and, perhaps more importantly, have lost many centimetres around my waist, hips and arms. I feel good! Thanks, Rochez.

Well done Gail, your results have been brilliant!

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My journey with Rochez at Munchwize: I was referred to Rochez by a friend of mine who had lost a good amount of weight also by seeing Rochez. It was a gradual process and I watched in awe as she lost weight and kept it off, but still maintained a ‘fuss free’ eating plan. So I thought I’d check it out for myself.

I’ve tried many weight loss programs, from the points system to weighing and measuring all my food and drinks, all the way to trying outrageous diets from the internet. They all worked but the weight didn’t stay off and the programs didn’t allow me to be flexible with my lifestyle. That’s where Munchwize came in and was a game changer for me 🙂

The name Munchwize speaks for itself – Rochez taught me to eat smart and make good food choices for my body that suit my lifestyle. I managed to lose 6kgs over 4 months and keep them off 🙂 It may not be a lot to some people but to me it made the world of difference. It goes beyond the weight loss too though, I was taught to love my body, even in the weeks when I didn’t lose any weight.

My time with Rochez taught me to have a healthy relationship with food, her advice and lessons have been easy to implement in my life and I continue to feel awesome with my body. Thank you Rochez for your guidance and support on my journey to loving my unique body 🙂

Well done Nicole, it was great to be apart of your journey and see you achieve such amazing results!


SA Hockey Team

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SA Hockey Team


I never thought I would go and see a dietitian, I thought seeing one was nonsense. But now I can see the biggest reason I have lost weight is the fact that I changed my diet.

I look forward to seeing, Rochez as she motivates me to continue seeing my results go in a downward spiral. The great thing about her eating plan is that it is not a diet it is a balanced way of eating and she doesn’t take away all luxuries. You don’t have to give everything up.

I lost 21 kg, 13% body fat, 19cm around my waist and 15 cm around my hips. I did this all in 3 months. I am almost at my goal weight and will continue to carry on till I get there. And I know it is possible thanks to everything I have learnt.


Selwyn Eagle - Merchandise Procurement Foschini Retail Group (Pty) Ltd

Rochez, I write this to you, to tell you how your nutrition process is actually life changing.

I would like to thank you for the most professional way in which you have consulted during this process and how happy I am with the results achieved.

At first, I was skeptical and thought that in order to live a healthy lifestyle , it would be painstakingly difficult to change the habits of many years. This is absolutely not the way it has panned out and by eating ‘properly’ for the past 6 to 8 weeks, exercising in the correct manner - I have lost well over 10 kilos, over 8cm in my waist and look forward to my assessment on Monday to see further improvement.

Now it is second nature and I can still eat all the foods that I really enjoy – however, now in moderation and with more frequency.

I look forward to training in the gym in the mornings and get out of bed happily at 6a.m., because I have found a new meaning to life. My training is so much more effective and comprehensive.

Probably the most important thing you have given me is focus and that once you put your mind to it, barriers can easily be overcome.

The other big positive is what it does for ones own self-esteem. Everyone I come in to contact with remarks as to the change and I am so privileged to have met you and be on your amazing programme.

I look forward to a continued relationship and can more than ‘highly’ recommend you and what you have achieved in such a short space of time !!!!

Warm Regards, Selwyn.

Selwyn Eagle - Managing Director

Andrew and Lucille

We have had excellent results, advice and motivation from Rochez. Her personal attention and the time she spends in devising and tweaking our dietary plan sets her apart from many experts in her field. She always encourages us to achieve our goals even when we have had a bad week and this allows us to relax and not feel like it is the end of the world!

Since we commenced we have felt the effects of her hard work in our weight loss and the satisfaction of eating the right foods at the right time.

We have a lot more energy in our daily lives and no longer feel as stressed as before we started on our path with Rochez.

We personally endorse Rochez and are thankful for what she has achieved with us.

Lucille has lost 13 kg, 4% body fat, 10 cm around her waist, 15 cm around her hips. Andrew has lost 5 kg, 3% body fat, 5.5 cm on his chest and hips, 9cm around his waist

Andrew and Lucille


I highly recommend Rochez to anyone that is looking for any help with their way of eating, whether it be for weight loss or to improve their lifestyle.

I went to Rochez to lose a couple of kilos, and to be comfortable in my body again. She gave me an eating plan not a diet, one that I can follow for the rest of my life.

It is easy to follow and it works.

I lost 4 kilograms and many cms over my body, and my clothes fit perfectly again.

In addition to the weight loss was which was a boost of confidence I also gained tons of extra energy which helped me get through long days at work



I am really happy I went to see Rochez, my attitude to towards eating and food changed.

I went to see Rochez she was really easy to talk to, open and positive.

My expectations of a dietitian was that the eating plan would be costly and that it would be really hard to change my lifestyle and the way I ate.

But Rochez developed a simple to follow plan with lots of day to day foods so it was not expensive, and she made seemingly small changes to the way I eat however they have had a big impact on me and made me very aware of food and nutrition.

She developed an great eating plan for me and tailored it specifically for my Vegetarian diet which was great.

She really taught me what healthy eating is, and all about portion sizes and getting the right amounts of fats, carbs, protein fruit and vegetables at the right times.

We set goals which didn’t seem intimidating and Rochez’s eating plan coupled with exercise has helped me lose nearly 4kgs.



I have been to many dietitians over the past 5 years as I have had a digestive problem since I was a child. Finally I found Rochez!

She was able to assist me where other dietitians, doctors and pharmacist were not able to succeed.

She designed an eating plan designed for my needs and explained it in great detail and I liked the way she had incorporated so many of the foods that I liked.

3 weeks on and I have lost a couple of kilos and am feeling much more comfortable and fitter,thanks to Rochez.



I accepted a challenge to run the Comrades Marathon, and yes, there was an element of liquid courage involved. I knew that training would make up the bulk of my preparation, but what about my diet? Surely all the training would require a dietary regime that would allow me to drop the excess weight while retaining and even building my muscle mass.

As the hangover faded and the stark reality of the challenge set in, I decided to phone a friend. I've known Sarah at Munchwize for many years, she was a delight to work with, knowledgeable, kind, compassionate and above all sincere in her desire to help. Something Sarah helped me realise is that there's nothing fancy about eating right. No miracle pill or shake, just regular food and a mindful eater.

My biggest breakthrough with her was around the psychology of food and being aware of my level of hunger at all times. I'm glad to report that with her assistance I've hit all my weight goals and I'm looking forward to running my first Comrades in May. Thanks to Sarah, I'm not only lean, but also more aware of my complicated relationship with food. I would highly recommend Sarah and Munchwize, I found the experience to be very rewarding.